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About Cherry: The Official Trailer


CAUTION: May contain spoilers

An ex porn star Lorelei Lee pens down a story with the debutant director Stephen Elliot. This is the story of an 18 year old, high school drop out Angelina (Ashley Hinshaaw) who joins porn industry.

When I first heard about the movie I thought it would be about how an innocent girl enters the pornographic world, and ends up being abused & drugged & probably dead.

It started with the cliche after all. The angelic Angelina hailing from a poor dysfunctional family. She needs to do the mundane job of a laundry girl to support it while juggling it with school & a tattoed-weed smoker boyfriend.

So, imagine my shock when I saw that all the actors, directors, photographers & even the producers that Ashely work with become her pseudo family. And not just any family but a loving, supportive & soul nourishing family. Stephen Holder in his review in ‘The New York Times’ calls it ‘a recruitment film’ & I agree with him.

Call me impressionable but who wouldn’t like to work at a place where guys are ‘Oh ! So gentlemanly’ & all the girls are like bffs. If this kindness & niceness wasn’t enough, the pay is drool worthy & growth opportunities are unparalleled.

But despite these to glaring flaws. I loved the movie. I could relate with it. No,I am not a porn star. Don’t want to be one. And unlike Angelina nobody even suggested to me, “You’ve a pretty waist. You should do pictures.”

I could relate with it because:


5. It takes friend zoned to a whole new level

Call me a mean or super mean, but ‘friend-zoned’ guys always amuse me. Like really, how can anyone be so duh! The way Angelina treats Andrew in the movie reminds of a couple of guys, I had at different stages of my life. Don’t get me wrong I loved them, they were all adorable. But, I knew how they feel for me. I was never a good enough friend to crush their hope of ‘maybe, someday she’ll come to me’. Well, until they did something really silly, forcing me to walk away, shutting the door of friendship forever.

Watching this movie wasn’t just deja vous, but also, the cliched ‘eye opener’. I am so going to correct my erred ways.

4. The guy falls in love with something & then wants to change the same thing about you

Francis meets Ashley when she was working in a strip club. Before they started dating Ashley moved on to porn. Then, why on earth later Francis have an objection to it? He knew what he was getting into & whom he was getting into. Then why sulk?

Similarly, Heather Graham’s girl friend is embarrassed that she directs adult movie. Like, Hello!! It took to eight years to figure out that you are uncomfortable with that.

Again, classic case of every relationship. First you love her spontaneity & then her impulsiveness irritates you. Earlier you adored how innocent & naive she is & now you can’t believe that she’s so stupid.

Ditto for us too. Earlier, she loved the way he was passionate about his guitar, now she cribs that if only half the time this guy wastes in strumming, if could just invest it in conversations, their relationship would be so much better.

3. ‘I am so hot that I turn myself on’

Well, no one literally says that in the movie. There’s a scene where Angelina is reading a magazine, she starts touching herself &  then she sits in front of the mirror, touching herself, admiring her beauty. I loved the honest & balanced approach with which the movie addresses the mild tinge of narcissism that we girls have.

2. Angelina

Oh! I just love the character. Sweet, nice, intelligent & get her innocence is intact. She is upfront, honest & straight forward. But that’s just bull shit! The real reason why I love her is when Francis hits on her saying, ” I’ll have what you’re having”, she spits in her whiskey glass & offers it to him.

And The #1 Reason Why I Love ‘About Cherry’ is:

1. For a ‘Happy Ending’ you don’t necessarily need to end up with a man.

Don’t get me wrong, I love men. I believe in Prince Charmings & Kinghts in shining armors.  Yet, I don’t think they are the pre requisite of our happiness. I think a damsel is totally capable of finding her way out of distress & she doesn’t always need a knight to rescue her.