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There are very few people I know, who have heard about this movie. Fewer are the ones who’ve seen it. Number of people who liked it? Zero.

But I love it. And here’s the reason why:

Top 3 Reasons Why I Loved ‘The Oranges’

3. It stars Leighton Meester. I absolutely adore her, everything about her & most of her work. Although, I do think that the director had sketched her character with more clarity, so she could’ve lived it better on screen.

2. It is narrated from the point of view of a weary daughter whose father is having an affair with her ex best friend. I heart the subtle sarcasm of her tone.

The #1 Reason Why I Love The Movie Is:

1. When David & Nina are sitting in the restaurant. He suggests ending it. Nina asks him, “Right now can you lean across the table & kiss me? If no one’s watching. If there are no rules.” When David smiles to this, Nina just says, “There are no rules.”

For me that’s how love should be: without rules. Love should be just about love. Like Gulzar Saab says, “Sirf ehsaas hai yeh rooh se mehsoos karo” It’s not fair to bound such a feeling in boundaries & limits.

This brings me to my favorite quotes from the movie:

1. Nina: Can you atleast let me unpack before pimping me out?

2. Nina: You know I am being selfish. The best thing I can do right now is fulfil your insane suburban dream by marrying your best friend’s son. Now, you go call the catering company, while I lube my vagina.

3. Page:  Don’t apologize & blame me in the same sentence.

4. David: I know it’s selfish & unacceptable but if it makes us happy, why you want us to stop. I don’t wanna stop, I wanna be happy.

5. Cathy: Now let me ask you a serious question, are you okay sucking David’s old balls? It’s a legitimate question, his balls are much older than her.

6. Ethan: I am a sabotager.

7. Henry: Sometimes, you need to burn your house to see the moon.