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It’s my birthday day after tomorrow & instead of being excited about it, I am sulking that in two days I’ll on the wrong side of the 20s. The fear that it’s just a matter of couple of more years when I’ll be 30, is taking all the fun out of shopping. There’s a constant nagging question, “Did I live my 20s up or I accidentally wasted them.”

You see my crisis there, don’t you? So I did what I do in every problem of my life- ran to my best friend, Aashi (you can meet her in the post below this).

Anyway, so Aashi sent me this lovely post about dilemmas faced on being on the wrong side of twenties. With some of them I could relate with & rest were like ‘yeah whatever’. But, it felt good to know that I am not the only insecure one. Also, that there’s nothing wrong with having silly insecurities that none understands.

She also mentioned the things that she would like to do before she turns 30. Again some of them were ‘Me too’ & some were like ‘yeah! you better do that’. But, it made me realize that:

20s are the most precious time of my life & instead of sulking & wasting whatever of it is remaining, I have to live it up. Live it up like there are no rules. Like there’s no one watching. Be totally selfish about it.

Anyway, here’s what Aashi wrote that gave me this enlightenment. Hope it does the same for you too.

Over to Aashi now:

Confessions of a Confounded Mind




Recently, I celebrated my 27th birthday. The realization of leaving the comfort of 26 ( the year in which you allow yourself the illusion of still being 25), was as unsubtle as the break of puberty…like the day when you had your first periods or the day when you suddenly woke up with boobs on your flat chest. Freakkkyyyy…. It suddenly felt that—OMG 27! Such a big number! Just 3 years shy of 30 and yet so much to be achieved in life!

Also, I realized that now there are certain things which you can NOT do with solace anymore, and some things that change without blowing off a caution alarm. Let’s see what they are-

  1. You cannot listen to Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber songs without being judged.
  2. You cannot read Harry Potter or Enid Blyton in public lest people assume you are a pedophile; or Chetan Bhagat novels lest people assume your IQ is below 27.
  3. You cannot visit any wedding function without escaping queer glances or questions of relatives (especially the inquisitive aunties) that wonder what could be mortally wrong with you to not have found a suitable match till now.
  4. If you happen to be single, your sexual orientation comes under the scanner, even if it is from your best friends’ boyfriends
  5. Your parents start giving good business to the local temple pandit or any astrologer that crosses their way, to scrutinize planetary aspects responsible for your marriage or lack of it.
  6. If you don’t adorn the numerous rings with precious or semi-precious stones on your fingers, around your neck or around the arm, you are labeled as a rebel. Your mom will frown upon you henceforth with every opportunity she gets!
  7. One thing which I can do, still cannot manage to do at 27 is to have liquor in pubs without showing id or get an entry into a theater running an A-rated movie.

27 however is a time to shed inhibitions of the primes and take on the tasks with courage so that you enter your 30s without any regrets. Things I would like to do before I reach 30-


  1. Pursue another masters degree from a good university abroad.
  2. Learn to swim properly
  3. Make a documentary or a short film
  4. Find the cupid that stuck me with its arrow and shoot it

So while I get busy with these tasks, here’s hoping that you make the most of your 20s, because it is the most awesome time to be crazy, to make mistakes, learn from them and rise like a phoenix!

Happy resurrection!