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After witnessing my darlings from the Hollywood film and television industry winning & missing Golden Globe Awards for their  work throughout the year, I now want to add a new category for the most heart touching, soul nourishing moment of the broadcast itself- The Golden Globe for ‘The Best Awww Moment in The Broadcast’; a stiff-nail biting competition. So behold as I announce the nominees for The Best Awww Moment In The Show

When Aaron Paul said, “Yeah bitch, thank you”

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“I was not expecting this…..” “I would like to thank…” *Boohooo hoooo* step aside here comes the most straight from the heart speech of The Golden Globe: “Yeah Bitch, thank you”, says Aaron Paul accepting the ‘Best Drama’ award for Breaking Bad. Four simple words that expressed so much, the joy of winning The Best Drama in the year the show said Goodbye & the frustration of Aaron Paul losing Best Supporting Actor to Jon Voight, thus stopping Breaking Bad from sweeping the awards. Also, now that the show is gone, Thank you Aaron Paul for giving us the one last “Yeah Bitch”.

When Mattew McConaughey won the Best Actor Drama


So good to see Hollywood finally giving McConaughney the roles & the awards that he has deserved all this while. He may have won it now for ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’ but he earned it years back when acted in ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. Clearly, Hollywood has its bias. To win a nomination one must lose 47 pounds because when one’s good looking they simply make him into a narcissist playboy of the ‘Ghost Of Girlfriend’s Past’. One must play someone who’s dying (of AIDS) because how can a character that gets a Happy Ending (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days) can be an award worthy character?!

So, Matthew McConaughey winning a Golden Globe is an ‘Awww’ moment for me because it celebrates his evolution into an actor who’s recognized for his craft & not laughed upon as a shirtless joke.

Julia Roberts & Meryl Streep sitting together

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Some may argue that what’s the big deal? This year they’ve after all worked in a movie together.


In ‘August: Osage County’ they were Barbara & Violet but today on that table at the Golden Globe, we had Julia Roberts & Meryl Streep sitting together. Julia Roberts our modern day Cinderella & Meryl Streep an international treasure- they are ladies whom we grew up emulating. So what if they went home empty handed. Let the likes of Jennifer Lawerence (who btw can’t even get a dress right) joke about beating Meryl Streep. When you’re Julia Roberts & Meryl Streep, you don’t need any awards. You know that you’re queen bee, you know you rule. Who cares who grabbed the trophy, the sight of Julia Roberts & Meryl Streep sitting together, laughing & smiling was a win for me.

When Martin Scorsese got emotional over Leo DiCaprio’s Tribute

LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala Honoring Martin Scorsese And David Hockney Presented By Gucci - Inside

Thanking Martin Scorsese, he said;

“….Martin Scorsese for allowing me to stalk him into making the movie. Scorsese is a risk-taker and visionary who had influenced everybody in this room and put the very fabric of our culture up on screen. Thank-you for your mentorship”

Leonardo also called Scorsese,

“one of the great artists of all time” 

And this was Leonardo’s way of showing the middle finger to Hollywood Foreign Press for not nominating Scorsese. However, it was not what Leo said & not even ‘how he said it’ that makes it an ‘awww’ moment. What elates this to our prestigious category is the auteur Scorsese’s reaction to his protege’s tribute. Scorsese was not just visibly humbled but also got emotional, his eyes were cleary moist & someone rubbed his shoulder. Who would’ve thought that in the Golden Globe we’ll see a maestro swelling up on being appreciated by Leo. This love for validation despite being Martin Scorsese makes him so endearing.

When Bradley Cooper didn’t win the Award


Hopeful for my handsome hero I was left heartbroken when Bradley Cooper missed the award. He was clearly disappointed & so was I. It was such an ‘awww’ moment in a ‘awww honey’ way. I’ve no clue what stopped Jim Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper) from going to Bradley with a hot beverage & say,

“There there”

The way Leonardo DiCaprio said, “Kate Winselt”

No jazz, no serving the written word. It was such a simple, subtle ‘awww’ moment, when while announcing Best Actor Drama Leonardo DiCaprio said, “Kate Winselt”. It was just the way he said her name. Cheesy as it may sound, it brought all these memories back:

tumblr_l3wgnxpOCJ1qc4kruo1_500 tumblr_l7kpeoKBDb1qzj7yxo1_500


Diane Keaton receiving Woody Allen’s Cecile B. DeMille Award


Introducing the Award, Emma Stone pointed out that Allen quoted Groucho Marx in Annie Hall when he said he wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have him for a member. Well, was that the reason why Woody decided to stay absent from the Awards or as Diane Keaton recalled Woody saying,

“… rather than live on in the hearts and minds of my fellow man, I would  live on in my apartment”

Perhaps, that’s where he was. Wherever  he was I am glad that he didn’t turn up. I love Woody Allen. Love him for Annie Hall, love him for Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, worship him for his one liners. All the adulation aside, Woody Allen with his quirks, irreverence & nonchalance would have never accepted the award in such a beautiful, memorable & ‘awww’ fashion, as Diane did.

Diane dressed as Woody would in Penguin Tux accessorized with glasses. Diane…Woody’s Annie Hall, his friend for 45 years & most of all the most graceful woman in Hollywood. An actor, writer, director, producer who refuses to take a shot of botox or go under knife for she knows that her worth is beyond looks. This makes her ‘Oh so beautiful’. And more beautiful was her speech when she said,

“”It’s kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that 179 of the world’s most captivating actresses have appeared in Woody Allen’s films,” she said. “And there’s a reason for this. And the reason is, they wanted to. They wanted to because Woody’s women can’t be compartmentalized. They struggle, they love, they fall apart, they dominate, they’re flawed. They are, in fact, the hallmark of Woody’s work. But what’s even more remarkable is absolutely nothing links these unforgettable characters from the fact that they came from the mind of Woody Allen.”

After this treat for emotions & intellect, Diane Keaton gave us the ultimate ‘Awww’ moment of the Golden Globe when she punctuated her speech with a Girl Scout song dedicated to Woody Allen and their friendship in a gentle, quiet voice:

“Make new friends but keep the old/One is silver and the other’s gold. A circle is round/it has no end. That’s how long you’re going to be my friend. Here’s to Woody.”

 Hang on…. I can’t wrap up a post on Golden Globe without mentioning my favorite comic duo: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler. And, here’s my excuse for talking about them:

My Favorite Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Moments


When Tina Fey said;

“And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”


I just hope the censor guy doesn’t lose his job over this

And when Amy Poehler made out with Bono


It was so unexpected even for Bono. For her Best Actor in Comedy/Musical in TV nomination Amy sat on Bono’s lap while he gave her a neck rub as a part of the skit he was aware of. But, when Amy won I am not sure the ‘make out’ was what Bono had signed for. I loved it. Am sure Bono did it too. *Wink wink Nudge Nudge*