She: (Sarcastically) What’ll I do without you?

He: Someday take some time out to consider what all you can do with me.

She: Ah huh! what can I possibly do with you?

He: I am funny & desirable. So come to Daddy…*rawr*

She: Says who?

He: Says the Daddy thyself…who else shall sing my praise?

She: Uff! Anyway, where were we before you started talking bullshit?

He: We were no where? Isn’t that our tragedy?

She: Where you want us to be?

He: After all these years of romantic liaisons…

She: *Interrupts with her laugh*

He: I told you that I am funny

She: Yes!!! ‘Romantic liaisons’!!! That’s hilarious! What was romantic about our fights? Or in your dictionary calling me a ‘bitch’ & a ‘whore’ is romantic?

He: Those were just flare ups in between romance.

She: That’s all we had.

He: That’s all you saw.

She: So, you mean to say that I had this lovey dovey Shah Rukh Khan in my life & I couldn’t see that?

He: Did you want a Shah Rukh in life?

She: Who doesn’t?

He: Ab haklane ki koshish karon? Saaf suthari bhasha bolne wala pasand nahin hai! (Now I’ve to try & stammer? Not fond of clear diction!)

She: You can try.

He: Toh itne saal aur kya kar raha tha? (What else was I doing all these years)

She: Tch…tch…tch… Koshish adhori reh gayi (But it was unfinished)

He: Wohi toh ab Part 2 aayega….romantic & all (Sequel’s on the way)

She: *sighs* Let’s see.

He: Release ho gayi hai…saari duniya ne dekh li hai….bas tere hi parade par lagna bacha hai (It’s released. Everyone has seen it. We just need to screen it for you)

She: So when is the premiere for me?

He: Just waiting for a confirmation, I am all set for. I am coming back. Only for you.