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1. A Poem From The Past


It’s quirky, it’s whimsical, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen in Bollywood so far. Homi Adajania has captured a poetry on celluloid. I feel that it’s one of the most difficult things to achieve cinematically. I am going to watch this movie again with a notebook & pen to take pointers on how he has done it.

This is a poem from past. No, I am not saying that it’s a period film or dated. I am just saying that if RK Narayan’s Malgudi was in Goa, it would have been like this.

2. Nobody has presented Goa like this before


This was a common response from most people I know:

We have read about this Goa in books, heard about it in the nostalgic stories of the locals. Sadly,we have never experienced it, because this Goa doesn’t exist. Maybe it does exist, but in the interiors and not where we go. Maybe, we need to rediscover Goa. (A)

I however don’t know Goa any other way. In fact, this movie resonated so much with my experiences that kept jumping on my seat & whispering to my partner:

“Oh! It’s that Church where we always get lost”

“Hey, isn’t this that house from where we bought petrol in a Pepsi bottle?”

“OmiGod! Remember this tea stall… how waited for the last ferry here”

“(Lol) Even we had lost our way & reached Karnataka & realized it when we saw the red soil!” (Karnataka has a typical red volcanic soil unlike Goa’s black one) (B)

It doesn’t matter if you fall in (A) category or (B), you are going to have so much fun while experiencing Goa in this movie.

3. It’s in English

If I make a movie on interiors of Bihar and people are speaking in English, it will be odd. Similarly, if Homi makes a movie on interiors of Goa and people speak in Hindi it we’ll be odd. So, the characters speak in English & it’s a delight to hear them speak; because they do so in archaic English! They use the sentence structure of Konkani. So, they break the sentences as they would in Konkani but the words that the use are of the Queen’s language & it’s hilarious!

4. For a sloppy smile

The movie isn’t ‘Hahaha’ or ‘lol’ funny. You won’t be laughing throughout. And then, somewhere in the middle you’ll realize that you’re looking goofy sitting there with a sloppy smile on your face for no reason. You will try to wipe it off. I did & I failed.

5. For the actors


Look at the cast ensemble! There’s Naseer Saab, Pankaj Kapoor & Dimple Kapadia, they don’t need a letter of recommendation from anyone. It’s so difficult to find a script which gives a scope to artists like these perform & take center stage. It’s really heartening to see how Deepika & Arjun underplayed the characters.

The movie is so underwritten that it gives so much creative liberty to the performers & what we get as a result is magic!

6. It’s going to sweep all the Awards

If we could bet on movies like horses, I would have put all my money on ‘Finding Fanny’ and its performance on International Film Festivals. Oh! How I wish we could do that. I would be so rich then.

7. Because I told you so

Come on, you’ve been following me for an year now, how many movies have I recommended to you? And, weren’t all the recommendations awesome?

And now the hiccups:

There were three things that bothered me:

3. The Voice Over:

Deepika is charming in the movie, except when she is narrating it through a voice over. That just falls flat. It doesn’t touch my heart. Maybe, emoting through voice is not her forte. Maybe, Naseer Saab should’ve done it, it’s Freddy’s story after all. Maybe Arjun should’ve, given that Savio is the one responsible for all of it. And, if the writers were so convinced that Angie is the right character to narrate it then the director should have pushed Deepika more.

2. The ‘Maybe I Never Loved My Husband’ Part:

There’s is nothing wrong if you’re a widow and after six years of mourning you sleep with a man. When in ‘Jism’ Bipasha said, “Yeh Jism sirf bhook janta hai”, she was quoting the cardinal truth. Even, Deepika as Angie says that she would be the one rolling over and sleeping after sex. So one doesn’t need to pave way for Angie & Savio by quoting in the beginning that ‘Oh! But then I am not sure that I loved Garbo’. To me it came across as half hearted. As if, writers themselves weren’t convinced but the wrote it to appease the masses.

1. The End:


To me the movie ends where the cast stands on a hilltop & the ‘love….knock….no door’ thing happens (Please, take a moment to appreciate my efforts of not putting a spoiler here) .

Anyway, that’s the point where I tell myself that the movie is over. Whatever happens afterwards, I am just going to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Just like Godfather 3. Disclaimer: When I said that the movie will win hearts at Film Festivals, that statement came from this pretension- A callous presumption that the movie will have the hill top… door and knock ending.