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Long distance relationship with the best friend is more painful than the one with the lover. A thousand times more painful.

Had I been with Aashi tonight, we would have our drunk Karaoke night, something that we are infamous for. I remember once a Canadian guy knocked at our door just to shut us up.

Anyway, since we are not together, I decided to record a song and whatsapp to her. Before, I found ‘The song’ which reflects my love for her in the way I want; I sampled a couple of them.

Here are the TOP 10 SONGS which I considered for sending to my bff on her birthday tonight.

10. Aa chal ke tujhe 

I love this song. Papa used to sing it for me. So, I always associate it with warmth, comfort, safety & my happy place. I thought that it’s the best song to dedicate to her. But, my partner who was to play guitar said, “Main aise Kendriya Vidyalaya chap songs nahin bajata”, so I had no option left but to drop the idea.

9. I’ll be there for you- Aiza Siguerra

This song says, “The rainbow will end, in the palm of your hand, don’t ever let it go.” And, no one deserves the rainbow more than my best friend. Too bad that this song sounded horrible in my voice.

8. I’ll be there- Jackson 5

This ballad is so soulful! Just like us it’s young & just like our friendship it’s  tender and understanding. Just that Aashi and I have no memories with this song, so I didn’t go for it.

7. You have gotta friend in me- Randy Newman

Of course, this Toy Story song is on my list. It’s every child’s friendship anthem, at least for my generation it is. But it’s such a boy song! So, no it’s not the chosen one.

6. Count on me- Bruno Mars

I like it because it says, ” You can count on me like 123″. But then I don’t like that it’s generic. It’s about all friends not that one special BFF.

5. Anytime you need a friend- Mariah Carey

This the perfect song to send to your best friend. Gospel-y & yet reassuring. But it lacks passion & energy. It’s not celebratory enough for a birthday dedication.

4. Graduation- Vitamin C

I love it for it’s so khatha meeta, ‘you’re my Bff forever & ever’ kinda song. Perfect song for every girls’ night. But, I guess too bubblegum-y, I wanted something graceful too.

3. Everybody needs a best-friend- Norah Jones

It’s old fashioned, it’s intriguing, every word is quote worthy, it’s perfect! But, it’s written my Seth MacFarlane. There’s no way that I am dedicating a song penned by the lyricist of the misogynist song, ‘I saw your boobs’. Nup, not happening.

2. At your side- Corrs

“If life’s standing still and your soul’s confused
And you cannot find what road to choose
If you make mistakes you won’t let me down
I will still believe I will turn around
And you know that

I’ll be at your side
There’s no need to worry
Together we’ll survive
Through the haste and hurry
I’ll be at your side
If you feel like you’re alone
And you’ve nowhere to turn
I’ll be at your side
I’ll be at your side”

Corrs is my favorite band in the whole world. If I would’ve written a song for my best friend, I would’ve written this one. If I want my friend to dedicate a song to me, it would be this. But, today isn’t about me. It’s about Aashi & she isn’t a Corrs girl. So, sadly, it wasn’t the song that I dedicated.

 1. I’ll be there for you- Rembrandts

It’s the theme song of FRIENDS!!! Could there BE any better song for your best-friend?

So, this is the song that I sent to Aashi tonight. Too bad that by the time I zeroed on this my guitarist had dozed off. So, I had to record it with Karaoke and the music & chorus overpowered the vocals (which I guess is a blessing in disguise).